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The Quattro Difference

For over 20+ years, Quattro Environmental has tackled some of the most difficult soil erosion control and sustainable revegetation projects in the industry. Our proven track record of success speaks volumes about how we can get the job done right, the first time around.

Unlike many firms, we do not believe in a single “one size fits all” solution for every project. Instead, our team of experts comprehensively study dozens of site-specific variables to address your project site’s unique set of challenges. Success is in the details. And the Quattro Process combines a systematic methodology of project design, implementation and monitoring with our industry leading, state-of-the-art product lines and Living Soil Membrane Technology® to deliver the most cost-efficient way to achieve optimal outcomes for your erosion control and revegetation project.

Here are the highlights of how we deliver award-winning results.

You Gotta Know Where You Want to Go

Our team of experts wants to know what project success means to you. We will work with you to determine concrete quantitative and qualitative outcomes for your project. Objectives can range from dust control and sediment control to steep slope erosion control. Project outcomes may require specific plant species coverage and density requirements, specific federal or state regulatory mandates, to native habitat protection with detailed aesthetic aspirations including maintenance limitations. Based on the size and budget of your project, our professional team of experts will help develop comprehensive immediate, mid-term and long-term project objectives to achieve optimal outcomes for your project.

The Right Team for Your Project

Understanding the critical issues with your project is key to the success of your project. At Quattro, we build our team specifically for your specific project needs. Our team of top scientists, designers, engineers, manufacturers, seed specialists, and application contractors will be there, if desired, throughout the entire project to ensure optimal results each and every time.

Understanding the Challenges

Every project site is unique. It is critical to understand the key variables and challenges about your project. At Quattro, we conduct a comprehensive site analysis to examine all aspects of your site. We analyze climate records – average annual precipitation, wind, temperature and cold/heat extremes, changes in elevation, growing season length, steepness of slopes and, above all, soil fertility conditions of the site that can potentially affect the success of your erosion control and revegetation project.

The Soil is the Difference Between Success and Failure

As the pioneer in understanding the importance of soil analysis, Quattro Environmental understands the importance of knowing what is in the soil. That is why we analyze the soil and interpret the soil data to pinpoint the challenge of every project site.

Why analyze the soil? Because we treat the underlying causes of poor vegetation establishment and not just the symptoms. By understanding the soil, we re-establish a functioning soil community that is the critical precursor and most vital step in achieving sustainable vegetation. Unlike typical industry topical treatments, Quattro Environmental goes deeper and ‘grows the soil’ with our Living Soil Membrane Technology. Each custom blend combines Quattro’s unique BIND Series and GROW Series product lines to secure the soil in place and promote optimal growth for revegetation. Our Quattro custom blended solutions work in even the toughest conditions including contaminated soils or soils with elevated saline/sodic conditions.

We Choose the Right Suppliers

Determining the right plant species selection, application rates and material sourcing are key success factors in any revegetation project. At Quattro, we believe in bringing in only the best suppliers and applicators.

We are not tied to one supplier. Instead, we bring in the best native seed experts with region specific knowledge to develop the mix of site specific grasses, forbs and shrubs. When projects require seedling planting, we only source product from the most reputable nurseries. All seeds used in Quattro projects are independently tested for purity, germination and viability.

Quattro only works with applicators of the highest integrity. We make sure our applicators apply exactly what is specified, in the amount specified, and never take shortcuts in the application process.

True Success Begins and Ends with Knowledge

We know the project doesn’t end when the project team has left and the machinery is on its way to the next project. Results matter and we go the extra mile to ensure we monitor your project’s success over time. Our team of experts will visit your site quarterly, annually and thereafter (up to six years after initial application) to monitor the outcomes of the project and to ensure your project continues to deliver the sustained performance of every successful Quattro Environmental project.

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