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(Formerly Tackifibers)

Key Benefits

  • Provides mechanical cross bonding of fibers to enhance the structural integrity of the Quattro Living Soil Membrane
  • Seamlessly works with other Quattro BIND Series and GROW Series products
  • Less bulk than conventional fiber mulch materials
  • Easy to apply with reduced application costs
  • Better long-term sustained performance than conventional ‘bind and grow’ seeding practices
  • 100% photodegradable, environmentally friendly product
  • Proven record of sustained performance for up to 4 years
  • Made in America by premier manufacturers adhering to the strictest quality and production standards, including a manufacturer’s warranty for quality
  • Real-time manufacturing to project specific specifications, ensuring consistency and performance reliability
  • Package size options for your convenience

What It Does

Quattro BIND l ARMOR increases the holding power of the Quattro Living Soil Membrane, mulches and tackifiers by cross-bonding mechanically with individual fibers. BIND l ARMOR lasts through a full growing season and prolonged periods of wet weather. BIND l ARMOR’s long fibers will photo-degrade into shorter and shorter segments before undergoing biological degradation. Quattro BIND l ARMOR delivers maximum holding performance with less mulch and/or tackifier. The reduced bulk increases spraying distance and coverage.

What It Is

Quattro BIND l ARMOR are 100 percent, 1/2” polypropylene fibers that are specially formulated to enhance the performance of hydraulic mulch and tackifier slurries. Add BIND l ARMOR to slurry mixtures to create a highly tenacious, stable mulch mat that bonds tightly to the soil surface while protecting germinating seeds from wind and water erosion, while allowing the soil to breathe.

Where to Use It

BIND l ARMOR fibers are excellent for use in tandem with the world’s #1 environmentally-sensitive, heavy-duty soil binder BIND l ATLAS SUPERDUTY, eliminating the need for wood fiber mulch.

Project Types

  • Steep slope projects
  • Native revegetation projects
  • Mine restoration
  • Landfills
  • Highway roadside projects
  • Commercial development
  • Solar and wind farms
  • Coal and gas power plants
  • Residential development
  • Golf courses and sports fields
  • Low-moisture environments
  • Military installations
  • Desert environments
  • Fire restoration
  • Contaminated soil projects (saline/sodic)

Application Guidelines

QEN Charts 040213-03

Apply Quattro BIND | ARMOR at a rate of 20 lb/acre – 80 lb/acre via a hydro-seeder. With the agitator in operation, slowly add Quattro BIND | ARMOR to the hydro-seeder tank when you add the water, other organic amendments and binders. Be sure to shake the BIND I ARMOR vigorously before you disperse the handfuls of fibers into the slurry mix.

Additional Information


Packaging Options

  • 20 lb bags (7.46 kg)
  • 30 x 20 lb bags per pallet
Extra Hold

Steep slopes, long slopes, high winds or water sheer? BIND l ARMOR will add the additional holding power you need to address the most severe erosion control challenges.

"BIND l ARMOR delivered the extra holding power where we needed it. BIND ARMOR exceeded our expectations in the projects high wind and water erosion problem areas. "

Jon Shilling
President, Shilling Seed

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