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(Formerly Fertil-Fibers)

Key Benefits

  • Supports the re-establishment of a functioning soil community via Quattro Living Soil Membrane
  • Custom blended solution for site specific soil stabilization and replenishment challenges
  • Better long-term sustained performance than conventional ‘bind and grow’ seeding practices
  • 100% bio-degradable, all natural, holistic product
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic to aquatic and terrestrial life
  • Track record of sustained performance for up to 5 years
  • Seamlessly integrates with other Quattro BIND Series and GROW Series products
  • Less bulk than conventional wood mulch, fertilizer, and tackifier seeding materials
  • Easy to apply with reduced application costs
  • Real-time manufacturing to project specific specifications, ensuring consistency and performance reliability
  • Made in America by Premier Manufacturers adhering to the strictest quality and production standards, including a manufacturer’s warranty for quality
  • Package size options for your convenience

What It Does

Stimulates Microorganisms

GROW l NUTRI BASE supplies the long-term nutrients and energy sources for soil micro-organisms enabling them to function in their role of decomposing decayed vegetation, animals and other soil biota. These organic materials are subjected to hydrolytic and oxidative degradation by decaying microorganisms yielding organic low-molecular weight products that support the growth of soil microbial flora.

Restores Stable Soil Humus and Builds Tilth

Humus is the basis for soil life. GROW l NUTRI BASE replentishes the soil with stable soil humus, the building block of a functioning soil community. Humus also mechanically loosens the soil and creates good tilth.

Other Benefits of Quattro GROW l NUTRI BASE include:

  • Reduces and/or eliminates the need for costly additional topsoil and additional fertilization
  • Does not import weeds, encourage weed growth, or lock up nitrogen in the soil
  • Provides sufficient supply of all vital nutrients to germinating seeds and growing plants through a slow, sustained release of organically bound nitrogen throughout the first growing season and longer
  • Results in lower concentrations of nitrates in ground water than conventional water-soluble, salt-based fertilizers.

What It Is

Quattro GROW l NUTRI BASE is a protein-rich, humate-fortified slow-release, sustained-release vegetable nutrient source. It is a key component of the Quattro Living Soil Membrane, a nutrient-rich, lattice-like membrane used to re-establish sustainable native plant growth in harsh environments.

Initially formulated as an American-manufactured, protein-based nutrient source, Quattro GROW l NUTRI BASE 6-4-1 has been refined and upgraded over the past 18 years to improve re-vegetation success in harsh arid environments. The addition of a humic shale component is critically important to the beneficial effects of humic substances on soil and plant metabolism. Additionally, Quattro GROW l NUTRI BASE can be custom-blended with essential minerals and micronutrients for site-specific needs.

Project Types

  • Drastically disturbed soil projects
  • Native revegetation projects
  • Desert environments
  • Golf courses and sports fields
  • Highway roadside projects
  • Mine restoration
  • Steep slope projects
  • Low-moisture environments
  • Waterways, wetlands, levies and aqueducts
  • Residential development
  • Commercial development
  • Landfills
  • Military installations
  • Solar and wind farms
  • Coal and gas power plants
  • Contaminated soil projects (saline/sodic)

Application Guidelines

Quattro GROW | NUTRI BASE 6-4-1 pellets can either be dry broadcast or included in a hydro-seeding slurry comprising all specified Quattro GROW and BIND Series components of the Quattro Living Soil Membrane.

Rates of application are best determined after interpretation of comprehensive soil analyses and with a view to providing the long-term supply of protein-based nutrients sufficient to meet or exceed the minimum nutrient threshold necessary to jump-start the nutrient cycling inherent within a functioning soil community.

Treatment rates spanning 1,500 lbs (poor soils) up to 4,000 lbs (extremely challenged rock soils) per acre have all been successful in re-establishing such functioning soil communities on drastically disturbed soils project sites in arid environments. In the absence of reference to the dictates of a comprehensive soil analysis pulled from the project site, treatment rates of 2,000 lbs – 3,000 lbs per acre (2,268 kg/hectare – 3,400 kg/hectare) Quattro GROW | NUTRI BASE 6-4-1 should be considered as a baseline treatment.

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Packaging Options

50 lb bags (22.7 kg)
40 x 50 lb bags per pallet

2,000 lb totes (900 kg)
1 x 2,000 lb tote per pallet

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