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Innovative Leadership

Quattro Environmental is the pioneer thought and industry leader of healthy and re-establishing functioning soil communities and their importance in the success of establishing sustainable native plant habitats. Early on, Quattro recognized that the topical band-aid treatments of conventional seeding industry practices are not enough to achieve optimal project outcomes. The solution for success lies deeper in the soil.

Success Starts in the Soil

The Living Soil Membrane (LSM) is the biological catalyst that jumpstarts ecological restoration below the surface of the soil. The LSM sets the stage for the natural re-establishment of site-specific bacteria, fungi, protozoans, nematodes and related soil micro-organisms. Enzymes, bacteria bio-stimulants, stable soil humus and protein-rich food sources combine to create a flexible lattice-like membrane capable of nurturing and sustaining vigorous plant growth on sterile soil. The Living Soil Membrane is the key to nurturing native plant species from early seral stage through to climax plant species.

LSM Technology is Mother Nature’s Ally

The focus of the LSM technology is to jumpstart the soil so that a functioning soil community will be restored below the surface of the soil. Patented Organic Acids technologies restore complex molecules that are the basic building blocks for plant growth. These molecules provide the critical differentiation between sterile soil and fertile soil. 4.1 Soil 300x300

Using our LSM technology, Quattro custom blends BIND Series and GROW Series product lines to create a flexible, protein-rich and humate-fortified growth medium to jumpstart the functioning soil community at each project site to ensure plants grow and thrive – in even the toughest environments.

Save Money with LSM

Quattro’s Living Soil Membrane technology will substantially reduce your application costs by as much as 50 percent or more! Our custom product blend is less than one-third the bulk of a typical wood fiber mulch seeding slurry. So you can get three times the coverage from one fully loaded hydro-seeding tank. Less bulk means a quicker product application, reducing machinery and labor costs and saving you valuable time in your project schedule.

Did You Know?

Stable soil humus is the basic building block of fertile soil yet only accounts for one third of organic matter by weight. Disassociated aggregates of humin fragments, fulvic acid fractions, and humic acids are collectively referred to as stable soil humus.
Better Soil Structure

Humic acid and fulvic acid work in the soil to increase cation exchange capacity (CEC), microbial activity, and the buffering capacity of the soil solution. They all work together to improve soil structure and water retention.
Helping Plants

Humins work at the plant level to stimulate root and shoot growth. It absorbs directly into roots and prevents salt damage to sensitive root hairs.
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