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Basic CMYK

(Formerly Atlas SoilLok)

Key Benefits

  • World’s #1 heavy duty soil binder for over 15 years
  • Lattice-like membrane and key component of the Quattro Living Soil Membrane (LSM)
  • Quattro LSM supports the re-establishment of a functioning soil community, the most critical component to every native revegetation project
  • All natural, holistic product – 100% bio-degradable
  • Proven track record of sustained soil stabilization performance for up to 8 years
  • Seamlessly integrates with other Quattro BIND Series and GROW Series products
  • Better long-term sustained performance than conventional BFM (Bonded Fiber Matrix) soil stabilization products
  • Less bulk (4:1) than conventional topical ‘band-aid’ seeding materials
  • Easy to apply with substantially reduced application costs
  • Non-toxic to aquatic and terrestrial life, environmentally friendly
  • Real-time manufacturing to project specific specifications, ensuring consistency and performance reliability
  • Made in America by premier manufacturers adhering to the strictest quality and production standards, including a manufacturer’s warranty for quality
  • Convenient package size options

What It Does

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Quattro BIND l ATLAS SUPERDUTY has been specifically designed for the steepest slopes that require the toughest stabilizer. It is the most environmentally friendly formula available anywhere. Wherever there is a concern about contaminants in water-runoff (the Lake Tahoe Basin of California and Nevada or salmon habitat rivers of Idaho and Alaska), erosion control experts turn to BIND l ATLAS SUPERDUTY.

BIND l ATLAS SUPERDUTY forms a transparent, flexible, water-insoluble, porous membrane in the upper soil layer. By binding soil particles together within the upper soil layer, it ensures soil/sand particles, seeds, mulch fibers and nutrients are fixed in its elastic, lattice-like structure. Its membrane will hold through repeated heavy rains or irrigation. BIND l ATLAS SUPERDUTY holds soil, seeds and nutrients until germination and root establishment occurs, thereby enhancing successful vegetation re-establishment.

What It Is

Quattro BIND l ATLAS SUPERDUTY is organic, biodegradable, non-polluting, non-volatile, non-flammable, non-toxic and leaves no undesirable residue in soil. It does not impair existing vegetation and is non-injurious to seeds, human, fish and animal life.

Key Reasons Why BIND l ATLAS SUPERDUTY Outshines the Competition
  • moisture and oxygen permeable – will not “shellac” hillsides or cause water run-off “sheeting”
  • does not re-emulsify once cured
  • long-lasting, sustained performance – up to 8 years after application
  • maintains flexible lattice-like membrane, even after curing
  • readily miscible in water
  • effective in both acidic and alkaline soils

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Unlike powdered polymer binders, the BIND l ATLAS SUPERDUTY dispersion can be pictured as discrete clumps of polymer swimming in water. These clumps are very high molecular weight with long polymer chains. They have high film strength when dry as a result both of their own size and the fact that the chains get tangled up with each other.

Quattro BIND l ATLAS SUPERDUTY is manufactured under stringent quality control standards with new materials. No paint waste or acrylate by-products are used (unlike many heavy-duty binders in the industry). BIND l ATLAS SUPERDUTY is a proprietary water-based polyvinyl acetate liquid dispersion formulation containing not less that 54 percent active solids by weight and no neutral filler (clay, ashes, etc.).

Where to Use It

Quattro BIND l ATLAS SUPERDUTY is used in a wide range of conditions – from cold, rainy mountain weather to the extreme heat and wind of deserts. Use BIND l ATLAS SUPERDUTY for your most extreme slope challenges and where long-term re-vegetation is a priority.

Project Types

  • Steep slope projects
  • Native revegetation projects
  • Dust control projects
  • Fire restoration and forest logging
  • Waterways, wetlands, levies and aqueducts
  • Desert environments
  • Residential development
  • Golf courses, sports fields and ski slopes
  • Highway roadside projects
  • Commercial development
  • Solar and wind farms
  • Mine restoration
  • Landfills
  • Ore pile stabilization
  • Military installations
  • Coal and gas power plants
  • Low-moisture environments

Application Guidelines

QEN Charts 040213-04

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Apply Quattro BIND | ATLAS SUPERDUTY using any suitable ground-based or aerial liquid application hydro-spraying equipment to achieve optimum soil surface coverage and infiltration. The level of stabilizing protection is a function of (a) quantity of Quattro BIND | ATLAS SUPERDUTY applied per acre, and (b) the depth to which it is able to infiltrate the soil. Soil penetration, especially in hydrophobic soils, is improved by the simultaneous treatment with Quattro BIND | STRONGHOLD natural yucca fibers that both boost the structural integrity of the lattice-like membrane set up in the upper soil layer, and enhance the depth of infiltration into the soil.

Quattro BIND | ATLAS SUPERDUTY should be applied in dry weather conditions where possible, or where light rainfall will turn to dry conditions in the foreseeable future. Actual cure/dry time will be influenced by soil temperature, humidity and wind speed, but will typically be 3 to 8 hours. Consequently, while immediately effective upon application, the lattice-like membrane’s optimum binding power will continue to improve during this initial 3 to 8 hours drying/curing time.

Quattro BIND | ATLAS SUPERDUTY is diluted 1:20 in water and applied to the soil surface at a concentration rate appropriate to the soil structure attributes, soil gradient and the level of stabilizing protection sought.

Quattro BIND | ATLAS SUPERDUTY should be stored at room temperature. Avoid prolonged storage at cold (below 40F) or hot (above 100F) temperatures. Do not allow to freeze. Once the Quattro BIND | ATLAS SUPERDUTY has set up in the soil, its superior binding performance is not impaired by extreme cold or hot temperatures.

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Package Options

5 gal containers (18.93 L)
48 lb container
36 x 5 gal container/pallet

55 gal drums (208.2 L)
514 lb drum
4 x 55 gal drums/pallet

265 gal tote (1,003.1 L)
2,530 lb tote
1 x 265-gal tote/pallet

Proven Results

Studies conducted at Texas A&M University show that BIND l ATLAS SUPERDUTY outperformed conventional BFM (Bonded Fiber Matrix) for erosion control stabilization.

"Simply put, I prefer BIND l ATLAS SUPERDUTY because it delivers superior binding performance above and beyond conventional BFM products. It’s my product of choice for long-term erosion control."

Roby Everhart, President
SunWest Golf & Reclamation

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